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Tri-City Medical Center

4002 Vista Way, Oceanside, CA
San Diego County

From 2005 to 2007, an average of 16 low-risk births out of every 100 were by cesarean section.

Hospital Info

Owner: Tri-City Hospital District
Type: Not-for-profit hospital.
Low-income care: 21.01 percent of all the hospital's patients relied on indigent programs or Medicaid. (Calculated by number of patient-days in hospital)
Breast-feeding: 43.00 percent of the babies born here are exclusively breast-feeding.
Base C-section rate: From 2005 to 2007, an average of 26.00 out of every 100 births were by C-section (adjusted only for mother's age).
Risk-adjusted VBAC: 13.10 percent of women with a prior C-section had a vaginal birth.

Select County Census Stats

White persons, 2008: 79.5%
Black persons, 2008: 5.5%
American Indian and Alaska Native persons, 2008: 1.0%
Asian persons, 2008: 10.3%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 2008: 0.5%
Persons reporting two or more races, 2008: 3.1%
Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin, 2008: 30.9%
White persons not Hispanic, 2008: 50.9%
Language other than English spoken at home, age 5+, 2000: 33.0%
Persons per household, 2000: 2.73
Median household income, 2008: $62,820
Persons below poverty level, 2008: 12.6%

Source: California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, U.S. Census Bureau
Credits: Agustin Armendariz, Brian Cragin, Chase Davis, Nathanael Johnson
Filed under: Health & Welfare