DATA: C-section rates vary in low-risk situations

The California Watch analysis examined the base C-section rates as well as "low-risk" rates that filter out any cesareans performed because of medical need. The main number presented below shows the average rate of C-sections per 100 low-risk births from 2005-2007 at California hospitals. You can find the base rates by clicking on individual hospitals.

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The median rate of all 253 hospitals is 16 C-sections per 100 low-risk births. The highest rate is 47 at Los Angeles Community Hospital and the lowest rate is 7 at St. Helena Hospital Clearlake.

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Source: California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, U.S. Census Bureau
Credits: Agustin Armendariz, Brian Cragin, Chase Davis, Nathanael Johnson
Filed under: Health & Welfare